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November 2010
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Sky Blue Cardigan and Navy Military Style Jacket

  These are my pictures, but I saved the pic of it on the model, so if you want to see those pictures just ask.
Brand: Pink Diamond, a brand from South Korea.  Bought from Yesstyle, it is no longer available.
Condition: Brand New! Only tried it on, unfortunately I don't really have anything to wear it with.
Material:  This cardigan is cable knit, made out of wool and acrylic.  The color is Sky Blue, which I loved because it is so hard to find clothing in this shade of blue!
Size:  shoulder= 14in, length=30in, Bust= free size! It can fit you no matter if your small or big busted, but I would suggest the max bust to me around 41in to 43in.
Price:  $35

I've had this Navy Military style jacket for a long time, but unfortunately had a growth spurt right after I got it a couple years ago. 
Condition: mint!  Although I've had this for awhile I've only worn it a couple times so it's in great condition! I would keep it if it could button over my bust.
Size: small or medium, I will provide exact measurements later or at request
Price:  $35

I have no pets, live in a smoke free environment, and all sales will go through paypall.  I am not responsible for anything that happens after shipping, such as lost packages.